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The kardashians watching Beyoncé all salty cuz they have no talent.

Like why were they even there?

Their family is full of successful business women who are mothers, managers, television hosts, models, and video game producers. Just because they can’t sing or dance does not mean they don’t have talent.

ummm im sure the camera pointed at them when nicki minaj was performing anaconda lmao trust me i watched nickis performance like 73 times gnarly
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deep conversations w/ open minded people.
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I used to be like “I wonder what would happen if I set this thing on fire” and since then I’ve learned that more often than not the answer is “it’ll be on fire”

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No, fuck you. I was worth it."
and I’m still worth it // R.R. (via hefuckin)
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people that are in relationships but still flirt with you anyway


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